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Covid-19 Announcement

Pastor Bill strongly urges those coming to Sunday services and Wednesday evening prayer meeting to prayerfully consider wearing a mask when close to others and exercise caution.  This request comes from a genuine love in Christ of a shepherd for his flock and a desire for health and safety.  Ultimately, the decision is yours to make.

Crowd with Masks

Stay safe!

Devote yourselves to prayer; stay alert in it with thanksgiving. Colossians 4:2

          While COVID-19 is still a real and tangible risk and health issue in our community and church, we can be grateful that we are beginning to see its effects lessen and risk decrease.  Governor Abbott’s removal of the state mandates for mask-wearing and building capacity puts the focus on churches, schools, businesses, and other entities to establish their own policies.  After reviewing our church’s COVID protocols, it seems best to maintain our current practices for a bit longer.  The Governor did encourage all Texans to follow safe practices, especially when gathering in groups and with others outside of your household.

          At this point, I request that you continue to wear a mask into and out of our Sunday morning gatherings, in other words, when moving to and from your seat in the sanctuary.  Once you are in your distanced seat, you are free to leave your mask on or take it off.  I don’t see any reason to change this policy until we can see the effects of more widespread vaccination.  Hopefully, that will be soon!

          You’ve done a great job keeping appropriate space between yourselves and others – please keep it up!  Of course, if you are ill or have health concerns, please stay home, and join our worship services online.  However, if possible, please do your best to overcome any other barriers that might keep you from worship.  My desire is that no one would unnecessarily be isolated from the “Fellowship of the Saints” gathered in God’s house!

          Now more than ever, we need to pray for each other.  There are indications we’ve turned a corner on this pandemic.  How long before we “get back to normal”?  No one perfectly knows, but count me among the optimists!

          Philippians 1: 3

          Bro. Bill

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